Thursday, August 13, 2009

Having a Great Summer - 33 Months Old

Hello everyone! Since I last talked to you, I've been enjoying my summer playing outside as much as possible. I've been playing and watching baseball with my daddy, and splashing in my little pool in the water whenever its warm enough. Unfortunately, this summer hasn't been that hot, but on the sunny days, you can bet I'll be wading in my pool or at the park with my friends.

Other than the usual, my family went on another mini-vacay here at the end of July to Cragun's resort near Brainerd, MN. Once again, Daddy had a meeting there so we made some fun out of it:) I LOVED the lake. I think I'm like Mommy and could live at the lake. I made sandcastles and much as I could, walked in the cold, cold water a few times, checked out the boats and fishermen, enjoyed the bonfires, and played to my heart's content. Unfortunately, it was just too cold to make renting a boat worth it. Boy do I want to go on a boat some day. Mommy says its not right to go to the lake and not go boating;) Maybe we'll have to go back to that resort again and rent a cabin next time and go boating. It was a really cool place!

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