Thursday, August 13, 2009

Having a Great Summer - 33 Months Old

Hello everyone! Since I last talked to you, I've been enjoying my summer playing outside as much as possible. I've been playing and watching baseball with my daddy, and splashing in my little pool in the water whenever its warm enough. Unfortunately, this summer hasn't been that hot, but on the sunny days, you can bet I'll be wading in my pool or at the park with my friends.

Other than the usual, my family went on another mini-vacay here at the end of July to Cragun's resort near Brainerd, MN. Once again, Daddy had a meeting there so we made some fun out of it:) I LOVED the lake. I think I'm like Mommy and could live at the lake. I made sandcastles and much as I could, walked in the cold, cold water a few times, checked out the boats and fishermen, enjoyed the bonfires, and played to my heart's content. Unfortunately, it was just too cold to make renting a boat worth it. Boy do I want to go on a boat some day. Mommy says its not right to go to the lake and not go boating;) Maybe we'll have to go back to that resort again and rent a cabin next time and go boating. It was a really cool place!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

32 Months Slideshow

What a busy month! To start off, there was an Art festival here in Grand Forks that we all went to. I liked the bouncy houses the best;) Then, we all headed off to Minneapolis for a bit of a vacation. Daddy had a conference in St. Paul, so Mommy and I hung out at the hotel. One day we went to the Children's Museum there and had a blast! I got to paint my own face, meet Clifford the Big Red Dog, play lots of pretend, splash in the water, and do lots of other stuff! Wish we had a children's museum like that here.

From St. Paul we drove on down our old home, Kansas City, for a visit. We stayed with my friend Lexi! I've missed her so we had lots of fun together. Lexi's parents hosted a BBQ so we could visit and catch up with all our old KC friends. Lexi and I also went to Deanna Rose Farmstead together and swam in her neighborhood swimming pool. Deanna Rose was fun but it was also really hot outside so I had the most fun playing in the water play area. I even made a new little friend who joined me in my splashing:) We also went to a Royals baseball game and down to the Plaza to see my beloved fountains. While at the ballpark, we got to see the new renovations they've done to Kaufman field. We went out behind the outfield and I got to bat at the Little K field. I did really well with my hitting but didn't quite grasp the running the bases thing at the end so Mommy ran with me. I also got to ride the Merry-Go-Round and play on the playground equipment there, but we didn't have time to do mini-golf before the game started:( While heading back to our seats, we walked underneath the fountains right above the bullpen. It was LOUD and I screamed bloody murder. I still don't like loud noises, especially that loud. Anyway, back at our seats, we got tot watch the game with our friends Megan, Jarad, and Averie. Averie sure is getting big!

After we got home from KC, it was time for the Fourth of July. My Aunt Becky, Uncle Byron, and cousin Abi came to our house to visit. We shopped and hung out and ate, but we missed the fireworks because everyone pooped out too early. Ah well.

Until next time!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome Baby Damien!

I have a new cousin! Woohoo! And its a boy:) Can't wait til we're old enough to play together!

Damien Francis Laub was born today at 1:16 in the morning weighing 7lbs. 12oz. and measuring 20 inches long! Welcome Damien! And congratulations to my Aunt Anna and Uncle Daren!

What a cutey pie!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

31 Months Old

Here's a slide show from the past month. Enjoy!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday Mama!

My mommy had a great birthday on Thursday. Well, at least I had lots of fun;) First, I had better mention that she had a good Mother's Day on Sunday as well. Daddy and I took her out to eat at Paradiso where she enjoyed a margarita, and we gifted her a Wii and Wii Fit which we've all already played tons. So much fun!

Anyway, back to the birthday. So, my grandparents and my Uncle Dusty came up to GF to help us celebrate Mama's birthday. We all went out for Italian food and then Grandma and Grandpa watched me while Mommy and Daddy went to the movies. Good times!

Then, on Friday, the grandparents, parents and I took off for Minneapolis for my cousin Jill Zentner's (now Davis) wedding. I had fun in the big pool at the hotel with mommy and the wedding was fun, too! I didn't make it through the ceremony as it was prime naptime so I was tired and kept talking and moving around to keep myself awake. So, Mommy took me into the lobby and I layed down on a couch and took my nap:) All was good after that. At the dance, I got my boogy on with my Great Aunt Bev and the wedding party. It was so much fun. That is, after I got used to the really loud music. I don't like loud noises, but I got used to it after a while. I even got me a glow necklace so I could rave. I didn't want Mommy to dance with me (she's lame) because I wanted to dance with everyone else by myself.

So, it was a great week. Here's some more pics for you all.

From 30 to 31 Months
Mommy's birthday cake from Cold Stone Creamery. Yummy!

From 30 to 31 Months
Me and Mommy in the pool at the hotel

From 30 to 31 Months
The lovely couple at the ceremony

From 30 to 31 Months
Me in my monkey suit

From 30 to 31 Months
Me and mama at the wedding

From 30 to 31 Months
Blow out the candle Daddy!

From 30 to 31 Months
My family at the wedding

From 30 to 31 Months
Me and my grandparents

From 30 to 31 Months
Dancing with Aunt Bev.

From 30 to 31 Months
Getting my groove on.

From 30 to 31 Months
Uncle David is a funny but wonderful dancer!

From 30 to 31 Months
I liked the glow sticks

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Two and half years old!

Yes, I am 30 months old now! Wow!

More info coming soon. We are getting way behind on this blog O_o

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world! Thanks for listening to music with me, playing ball with me, being my ride-on horsie, laughing at the silly things I say, reading to me, and loving me all the time. You are the best!